Whenever a person wants to register a domain name that ends in .com and the domain name is already registered, they are usually wondering whether top level domains matter. They want to know whether selecting a different top level domain or another type of domain will affect the success of their website. This is a complex question and dilemma. However, before we explain some things, we should mention that the success of any website is related to many factors.

Another thing that you should know is that top level domains represent the endings of domain names. This is the part that follows the dot. There are a few popular top level domains out there including .edu, .com, .gov, .org and .net. .com is used for commercial purposes. .org is used for organizations. .biz is used for businesses. .gov is used by the government. .edu is for education while .net is for network. In most cases, you can register any of these top level domains regardless of the purpose of your website. Of course, some top level domains have limitations like .gov or .mil.

The most important question here is whether the selection of a top level domain affects the ranking of a website. For many years, SEO experts were convinced that .com is the best option for those who want to rank their websites higher in the search engine results. But, Google has officially confirmed that the selection of top level domains doesn’t have any effects on the ranking. So, there is no penalization and no rewards for websites based on the TLD they have.

In the last few years, we have witnessed the emergence of many different top level domains. For example, there are top level domains that are focused on specific businesses like .marketing, .grocery, .mobile, .hotels, .cars and more. This means that you can explain to your visitors what your website is all about even before they visit your website.

There are situations when country specific top level domains have a specific meaning in the English language. For example .me is a country code, but it’s also a convenient domain extension. The same goes for .fm and .bz for example.

While we are talking about generic top level domains and country specific top level domains, we should point out that none of them is better than the other – it all depends on the target audience you have.